Warm is to casual as cold is to…

I wonder if there???s some weight to the claim that climate (or, more generally, environment) determines lifestyle pace. Of course, I cannot make this claim in any generalizable sense, having myself travelled so little and so infrequently. I know, however, that in chilly Alberta I move at an incredibly quick pace and in warm Hawaii my pace has slowed dramatically. Back home I feel rushed a pressured – and often my day???s run out of time to accomplish my lists. Here in Hawaii I walk with a more casual pace and move from place to place without such a sense of imminence. It???s as though climate enforces one???s pace: In a chilly climate you can???t help but hurry – if you wait too long, you???ll freeze; in a gentler and warmer climate, the journey is so enjoyable that the destination, though still important, becomes less significant. Granted, now, there is something to be said for my purposes in Hawaii as significantly vacation-esque; I do not have my daily responsibilities that I must consider when I???m at home. But, that said, I can???t help but notice the quick pace of my family and friends in Alberta versus the more casual pace of those I???ve encountered in Hawaii. Did you know that many postsecondary level classes don???t even offer a syllabus? Imagine the anxiety of a North American student arriving in class to find out that the assignments will be ???figured out later??? and the readings will ???happen.??? Shocking, for sure; but imagine the focus on learning for the sake of learning, rather than for the sake of scoring well on an evaluation.


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