Teaching is so much more than teaching

Just finished week 5 of 9 of my advanced professional student teaching term. (Hence explaining my lack of writing as of late. – And I thought January was busy!) To be completely honest, I was very anxious to begin my student teaching. While successful in my first placement, I felt very out of place; constantly worried about my performance. And while these feelings haven’t completely subsided, I’m finding myself more and more comfortable at the front of the classroom.

Despite that I’m still a teacher-in-training, I like to think that my experiences and knowledge provide me with some foundation on which to offer some comment. I’m constantly reminded that little boys (and often girls) are not meant to be in desks for most of the school day – asked to do the same things at the same times. The amount of redirection and reminding that is required of elementary teachers to their students uses significant time throughout the day. And while the skilled teacher can limit transition time and off task behaviour, expecting that all students provide their best effort during each subject (according to a schedule that’s designed for 20 to 30 students) is perhaps unrealistic. There must be a better way.

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