Floor Planning a Classroom

I’m very excited about my first full time classroom ??? I’m teaching grade 1 next year. (Last year I worked in my classroom only part time; and the year before I worked only for two months at the end of the year.) So, as I prepare for the coming school year, I’m carefully creating a classroom environment that aligns with my educational philosophy.


Guiding Principles for This Classroom
  1. To reflect its community ??? including its students, teacher and families
  2. To represent a community of learners, rather than an aggregate of individuals; and in this way foster social learning and interactions
  3. To be truly for the students and teacher, with as few “hands off” spaces as possible
  4. To foster sharing, problem solving, including others, responsibility, independence and teamwork through its materials and space
  5. To be flexible enough to cater to changing project work, while consistently providing spaces for: reading; group discussions; individual work; exploration of materials; playing games; and using technology
I’m very interested in thoughts and suggestions. Please comment below!

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