Floor Plan "A"

After much deliberation, consultation and reflection I’ve drafted my first floor plan for my grade 1 classroom. What do you think?


There are four primary, but fairly flexible areas in the classroom.

  • The Meeting Place: A??large open space ??? mostly floor area, but I’m going to try to source some child-friendly comfy furniture, too. Here is where our days will likely begin and end with morning and afternoon meetings. The SMART Board and white board spaces make group discussions and brainstorming easy to capture. Some lessons may be led in this space, too.
  • The Exploration Zone:??A space focused on discovery and exploration activities ??? lots of hands-on stuff! Two Macs connected to the Internet will be located on the corner desk under the TV and by the window. Art supplies will be available here, too ??? and the adjacent bulletin board will be excellent for inspiring and showcasing artwork!
  • The Storybook Corner:??A cozy corner filled with books and space for opening our imaginations. Like the Meeting Place, I’m trying to source some comfy furniture and pillows and a carpet. The shelves will be busting with books. And the adjacent window will provide wonderfully natural light.
  • Great Minds at Work:??I’ve opted for flexible table space rather than individual desks. Tables foster collaboration and provide greater opportunities for social problem solving. I still need to locate another trapezoid table (or three). And the adjacent cupboards and countertops will store supplies like pencils, crayons, markers, and paper. (The small white shelf beside the cubbies will hold the iMac, which controls the SMART Board, and the audio/video controls for the classroom.)
The storage room attached to the classroom will be converted into our very own??Reuse Centre!??Here we will collect and organize recycled materials that we can use for art and science and other subjects of creation. The supplies will primarily be student-collected. The labels will be student-created.
Unlike traditional classrooms, this floor plan does not incorporate individual desk space for students or teachers. (If they don’t have desks, neither do I!) I believe that this communicates a strong value of community and collaboration. This also raises challenges (on my part) to communicate clear expectations about behaviour and space use. As for my “desk space,” I will use the classroom as my students do. I’ll keep my binders and books on the high shelves atop the cupboards (which are too high for student use anyway). And I will use table space when I need to do planning and writing.
Very interested in your thoughts and feedback. What spaces have worked for you in the past (as a teacher or student)? What spaces have been challenging?

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