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Ayla just bought the NEW Super Mario Bros for her Nintendo DSi. It’s soo much fun! We rented the same game for our Wii earlier in the summer and we all had a blast playing it. (The multiplayer experience was very cool; and it is certainly a step up from the 2nd-player star bit shooting function of the Mario Galaxy games.) That said, I’m impressed with how much fun the game is on Nintendo’s smaller, portable device. You lose almost no functionality or fun, moving from the Wii to the DSi. Even more, the DSi version has unique functions, tricks and minigames that are different from its Wii counterpart – making time spent on the DSi worthwhile, even when the Wii is in the same room.
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Ayla purchased her Nintendo DSi earlier this year with money that she had saved from allowance and a paper route. She also purchased this game by trading in previous DSi games that she had saved for and purchased. Not yet ten years old, Ayla is already practicing the exceedingly difficult task of saving money – of delaying the immediate gratification of buying candies, slurpees and toys. Sure, she needed a little prompting and reminding here and there as she saved (e.g., “Don’t forget about your DSi that you’re saving for…” when asking to visit 7-Eleven). But this process was truly hers. Ayla set her mind to a purpose and practiced patient waiting as her bank account crept towards her goal. I couldn’t be more proud! (Especially since I, like many adults, continue to struggle with spending and saving.) Even more important, Ayla is proud of herself – of her own achievement.

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