Happy Birthday Lisa!


Today is Lisa’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

I won’t tell you how old she is, because she doesn’t like thinking about her age. If it were me, though, I would celebrate her age. She hasn’t had the easiest of years, but she has accomplished so much. I think that she tends to forget just how impressive she is. So – here’s a little reminder.

  • In spite of self-doubt, the time constraints of work and home schedules, and the challenges of new curricula, Lisa returned to high school to earn her diploma – with honours! (I know she will continue to find success in university.) What an amazing message you’ve provided for our daughters, Lisa.
  • Lisa has borne and raised two incredible daughters, who are themselves gifted and provided a world of opportunity because of the selfless choices she makes. Through financial hardship and the challenges of a blended family, Jadzia and Ayla continue to develop into intelligent, caring and resourceful young women – because of Lisa.
  • Furthermore, the success of our blended family would not have been realized without Lisa’s determination. We are a success because she has always believed that we could be.
  • Animals the world over will benefit from her compassion and knowledge. Whether or not she pursues veterinary medicine, I have no doubt that Lisa will make significant contributions to the field of animal development. It was Lisa’s knowledgable and critical mind that persevered and solved Andromeda’s (our Great Dane) infection that ate away at her skin in her youth. Today our dogs and fish. Tomorrow the rest of animalia.
  • Lisa’s outgoing personality has saved me from a life of solitude and nights home alone. Certainly, nowadays we find it difficult to sneak out for a night on the town; but were it not for Lisa, I would likely find myself wasting away in isolation. (Perhaps, this imagery is a little dramatic. A little.) She continues to challenge my comfort zone through social connectivity, be it dressing up for Halloween, attending karaoke night, or playing bingo. She continues to re-tint my beiges and browns into pinks and purples, and I’m thankful for it!
  • Lisa’s experiences and strengths are so varied and worthwhile that I think she forgets how valuable she is – to her family, to her friends, and to her employment. Lisa: Never underestimate the benefit of your knowledge, your empathy, and your insightfulness.
  • She is musically and artistically gifted – no doubt the source of Jadzia’s and Ayla’s talents. Lisa’s singing voice is beyond beautiful, and I count myself lucky to be next to such amazing brilliance!
  • Lisa continues to model and enforce the importance of family. Whether near or far, she ensures that we don’t fall out of touch with family, and that we continue to make them a priority.
  • I would not be where I am today without Lisa’s support. With her support I’ve earned my BSc and BEd, and become a teacher. My own self-doubt and challenging experiences might have otherwise left me unwilling to persevere, were it not for her belief in my abilities. Thank you. I love you, Lisa.

I know that for Lisa, as it is for many of us reflecting on our short lives, these accomplishments seem to pale in comparison to our goals and dreams yet achieved. But this list ought not pale; it ought to shine, and reinforce our belief that we can realize incredible aspirations.

Happy birthday, Lisa. Count this among your years of making a difference in the lives of those you care about and who care about you. I know you will continue to experience great things – as the list continues.


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  1. Thanks Cam. That was wonderful! I really appreciate your take on things especially since I have been so discouraged lately. here’s to a great year for us my love! <3<3<3

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