Boys’ Club

Today was our inaugural Boys’ Club meeting. After school a group of 26 boys in grades four and five, and two teachers, ventured out into the snow for some good ol’ fashioned sledding. Boys who may have never interacted on the recess playground connected in fun and meaningful ways. Some worked together to build a snow ramp. Some used a shovel to carve a sledding path (which also connected with the playground slide). Some made sculptures and shapes in the snow. And some just enjoyed the simple fun of a dog pile in the snow.

Some of these boys rarely get the chance to engage positively with their peers. And some of them are rising to opportunities that provide leadership roles. In this diverse group, all of them can gain a little from these group experiences.

Our Boys’ Club is founded on this mission:

To build a supportive community of boys in grades four and five by providing opportunities to

  • develop friendships through teamwork experiences;
  • encourage problem solving skills through positive role modeling; and
  • cultivate leadership roles through group activities.

Given the boys’ excitement about our first outing – and their eagerness for the next one – I think we’re off to a great start!

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